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Feel like work never ends? You know there is no such thing as work-life balance? I'm talking to you. Find life outside of work to do more of what you want - WITHOUT the stress and overwhelm. This specialized program will teach you the exact tools you need to be successful long term - and do more of what you want.

Stressed because you are working on vacation?

Start the course today and learn exactly what you need to know in order to enjoy life outside of work

Not sure when to close the computer?

This new approach will teach you how to end each day knowing you did enough

Course Curriculum - Overview

  • 1

    Welcome! How to Use This Course

    • How To Use This Program

    • Let's Get Started!

  • 2

    The Most Important Relationship

    • The Most Important Relationship Download

    • The Most Important Relationship You Have Podcast

  • 3

    Module 1 - Brain Motivation

    • Brain Motivation Video

    • Discomfort is the Currency Download

    • Escaping Boredom Podcast

    • Delaying Gratification Podcast

    • Self Identity and Discomfort Podcast

  • 4

    Module 2 - Stress, Clarity & Self Care

    • Priorities and Self Care Video

    • Clarity Download

    • Self Care Priorities Download

    • A Different Kind of Self Care Podcast

    • Gaining Clarity On Your Time Podcast

  • 5

    Module 3 - The Thought Model

    • The Model Vido

    • The Thought Model Download

    • The Self Coaching Model Podcast

  • 6

    Module 4 - Circumstances in Life

    • Circumstances Video

    • Circumstances Download

    • When Your Happiness Depends on Others Podcast

  • 7

    Module 5 - The Importance of Feelings

    • Feelings Video

    • Feelings Wheel

    • Feelings Download

    • The Pursuit of Happiness Lie Podcast

  • 8

    Module 6 - Goal Setting, Commitment & Compelling Reasons

    • Goal Setting and Compelling Reason Video

    • Goal Setting Download

    • Compelling Reason & Commitment Download

    • Commitment, Compelling Reason and Who You Will Become Podcast

    • Tiny Changes = Big Results Podcast

  • 9

    Module 7 - Asking Better Questions & Making Decisions

    • Questions and Decisions Video

    • Ask Better Questions Download

    • Making Decisions Download

    • The Importance of The Questions You Ask Podcast

    • The Importance of The Decisions You Make Podcast

  • 10

    Module 8 - Relationships, Blame & Responsibility

    • Relationships Video

    • Relationships with Others Download

    • Blame & Responsibility Download

    • Blame & Responsibility at Work Podcast

    • The Relationship You Have with Others Podcast

  • 11

    Module 9 - Perfectionism & Failing

    • Perfectionism Video

    • Perfectionism and B- Work Download

    • Failing Your Way to Success Podcast

    • How Perfectionism Holds You Back Podcast

  • 12

    Module 10 - Habits

    • Habits Video

    • Forming New Habits Download

    • Atomic Habits Podcast

  • 13

    Module 11 - The Importance of Networking, Constraint & Having Fun

    • Constrain and Have Fun Video

    • Networking, Having Fun & Saying No Download

    • Having Fun Podcast

    • Constraint and Discipline Podcast

  • 14

    Module 12 - Your Future Self

    • Future Self Video

    • Visualizing Your Future Self Download

    • Your Biggest Advocate Podcast

    • Visualizing Your Future Self Podcast

  • 15

    Bonus Section

    • Reading List

    • Build Your Confidence Guide

  • 16


    • Review Your Work

More Than A Course

This program is designed with you in mind. Take each module at the pace that fits your schedule. Join our online community any time you want and get private coaching from me 24/7 in the first 30 days.

Bonus Material

More ways to have fun!

  • Facebook Group

    Be sure to come join us in the private online community where we can network, coach, answer questions and take all of this to a deeper understanding. Let's have fun!

  • Must Reads!

    Check out the list of books for additional learning located in your bonus section. I love to read an old fashioned book - but you get to choose what works best for you. Let's continue to learn and evolve!

  • 1:1 Access

    Private Voxer access for questions you prefer to keep private. Send me a message and I will get back to you within 24 hours M-Sun for the first 30 days of your purchase. Gain insight to how coaching can change your life without committing to a higher end purchase just yet. Let's GO!


Senior Instructor

Michelle Bourque

Michelle helps busy professionals excel at your career – but without the stress and overwhelm, so you can do more of what you want. For the past 20 years Michelle worked at some of the top companies – NBC affiliate, GlaxoSmithKline and most recently – Medtronic, for over 15 years. She understands the high demands in the healthcare industry and knows the struggle to find more time to do what you want; often feeling like there is nothing outside of work. Michelle holds a Masters Degree in Public Communication, BA in English and AA in Human Services. She is also a Professional Certified Life Coach through The Life Coach School. After learning the tools she teaches in this program she increased her income year on year, took on additional leadership roles at work, started a coaching practice, and increased her time for fun with her husband, pup, and the cult that is Peloton! She has been inspired to help others in the industry to improve work-life integration so you can find long term success, and do more of what you want – without the stress and overwhelm. Double your time enjoying life. You will not be the same person after learning these tools - let's do this!

Enjoy long term success.

Everything you learn here will help you continue to excel in your career - but without the stress and overwhelm - so you can have a life outside of work.

Social proof: testimonials

"Giving me back my time and most importantly my sanity"


Having found myself in the throws of entrepreneurship in my forties and having no idea how to manage all the demands of work and family, Michelle is giving me back my time and most importantly my sanity.

"I now own my own dream business"


To those with list of wishes but no plans to make them reality, you need life coaching with Michelle! I gained so much confidence in my ability to make decisions. My advice is to take advantage of this opportunity, commit to the work and love your life the way it can be! Since last May, I have overcome a lot. I stopped letting what my family members say work me up for days, I can date and not get devastated when it doesn’t work out, I can make boundaries with friends and set the way I will tolerate being treated. I now run my own dream business - when I didn’t know where to start before. (Learning Enhancement by Carrie). I am now helping other young widows deal with their grief in healthy ways as the leader of Widow Strong, Lufkin, Tx Chapter.

"It was revolutionary"

Dr. S

Michelle you helped me so much with your coaching about how I have control of my schedule.  It was revolutionary!!!  I owned it after that.  I take breaks when I need to and no longer push myself beyond my capacity.  I took ownership of my thoughts and my time and lit that bitch up!!!!!!  Thank you sooo much Michelle!